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Managing your money can feel like a homework assignment. Let us be your financial tutor and make keeping track of your finances an easy A.

Make mom and dad proud with savings tools that let you manage your spending and keep you (and them) stress-free. We help make managing your funds easy and fast, so you can get back to “studying.” Stay focused on what really matters with FAIRWINDS.

Here's what you'll need

Auto Loans


We'll get you from zero to approved in no time, so you can get on the road and on to your next adventure faster.

Get unbeatable value and convenience with a basic checking account that lets you take charge of your finances and access your money anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're a long-time renter or you signed a lease for your first place, renters insurance can help make sure your most important belongings are always protected.

Get started on the right financial path with a student checking account. There is no monthly service charge and you have all-access to your money from your laptop and mobile device.

FAIRWINDS lets Knights skip the fees and focus on the savings with UCF Student Checking and the many convenience-boosting bonuses it offers.